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New for 2018: The "BIG BOAT" - up to 36 people

The “BIG BOAT” – 36 passengers

This boat has an open configurable floor plan designed specifically to maximize space for parties!

  • 600 sqft overall usable space
  • 250 sqft of WIDE OPEN “foredeck” space for sunning, mingling, fireworks viewing, etc (more than even the biggest 60′ boat in Chicago)
  • Room for 18 people to simultaneously lay out or up to 36 mingling on the foredeck
  • 350 sqft of covered open air space with WIDE OPEN floor plan
  • Comfortable seating for up to 36 even though we can legally carry many more
  • Excellent boat for swimming
  • Pricing and availability for groups of 18 to 36
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SPECIALS (rates for larger groups of up to 36 people are available)
  • $1325 (30% off) – Sunday late afternoon / evening river/shoreline cruise for up to 18 people (3 hours)
  • $1765 (30% off) – Saturday night river / fireworks trip for up to 18 people (4 hours)
  • $2675 (20% off) – Saturday mid-day river/shoreline/swimming trip for up to 24 people (4 hours)
  • $1499 (40% off) – Wednesday night river / fireworks trip for up to 18 people (4 hours)

Prices do not include 9% Chicago Amusement tax, and customary 15-20% gratuity for the captain and crew. Not valid July 4, or daytime hours of Aug 18-19.

The images below are of several boats like our boat being built for the 2018 season
Our boat will have a beautiful navy blue color scheme and a larger “foredeck” (front of the boat) for sunning etc.

  • Groups of up to 36
  • Huge 100% open “foredeck” (front of the boat) for sunning, fireworks viewing, etc. The images above show boats with less foredeck space than we will have.
  • Swim ladder that extends 4′ under the water so getting out of the water after a swim is comfortable and safe
  • River cruises, Fireworks viewing, Shoreline cruises, Swimming / Sunbathing at the playpen
  • Catered or Custom Dinner Cruises – sit down dining for up to 24, casual dining for up to 36
  • Live Music Cruises
  • Side enclosure windows stay up unless you want them down
  • Spacious bathroom (aka marine head)
  • Removable side curtains and canvas allow for maximum open air setup, as well as fully enclosed protection from the elements if some showers come in.
  • Beverages (including alcohol – beer, white wine, champagne) available on board, or BYO – no red wine please.
  • Rates for groups of various sizes from 18 to 36 (certified for up to 49 passengers but we limit groups to 36 for maximum comfort).

Call 773-236-7245 for details and to book…

Our new boat is being built and arrives this spring, and we will take up to 36 passengers (it is inspected to carry up to 49, but we will limit to 36). Ours will be white with blue canvas, and have a huge open space at the front of the boat for sunning, to swim from, etc., and will support sit down dining for 24 for special events, and casual dining / cocktails for 36.
It will have a beautiful blue color scheme. It will be ready for delivery in April so we are accepting reservations for charters May 25 through Sep 16.

This is a USCG inspected vessel with a COI (Certificate of Inspection) for up to 49 passengers, also called a T-boat. To carry more than 12 passengers, a boat MUST be an inspected vessel and have a COI. Although it can legally carry 49, we will limit the groups to 36 for added comfort and exceptional safety.