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"BIG BOAT" - up to 36 people
COVID-19 Statement


Just as you, we are greatly concerned with the current situation. Your health, the health of our staff and related vendors, and the public health are our primary concerns.

Prevention Highlights

  • All of our staff will wear masks.
  • Boaters will either wear masks within 6 feet of those not in their household (accommodations will be made for eating or drinking the same as in an outdoor restaurant).
  • Frequently touched surfaces are sanitized between charters
  • When requested, we can supply individually wrapped forks/spoons
  • Ice will no longer be supplied to be used in drinks, but can be used in coolers to keep unopened drinks/food cold.
  • Bring a mask, or we will have one available for purchase
  • Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 will not be allowed on board.

BIG BOAT : up to 24 people

How can we do this when ost boats are limited to 8 including a captain? It is because BIG BOAT is a USCG inspected commercial vessel, we can take 50% of BIG BOAT’s full capacity of 49. So yes, 24 people in your group, plus our captain and crew.

Power boat and Sailboat Reservations:

(No, these rules CANNOT be broken under any circumstance. If the city and state rules change to allow more, we will let you know. These rules are across the entire boating community, not just us)


  • 7 adults
  • 9 total people if two or more of the people are under the age of 17


  • 7 adults
  • 8 total people if two or more of the people are under the age of 17

Refund Policy

Since we now know the current rules, and are only accepting reservations for the numbers allowed by the city and state, normal change fees will apply for all cancellations regardless of reason. If you made a reservation for more than the allowed number of people, we are in the process of contacting everyone to handle any changes or cancellations.