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Night Sailing Chicago

Night sailing in Chicago

Night sailing in Chicago is a celebration of Chicago’s skyline, which has been a work in progress since its birth in the late 19th century with the first skyscraper erected. There is no better place to admire the evolution of that skyline and celebrate its glory than out on lake Michigan. Some would argue that the best time to appreciate the skyline is at night, when the dark backdrop accentuates the lights of the buildings. Sailing as the sun sets behind the skyline and the city lights come up makes for a great start to the sailing trip ahead.
As the sun is setting we get some awesome views of the city while we are sailing, and those views get even better once the skyline fully lights up against the dark night sky.
The Chicago night skyline as seen from the lake is a spectacular view either up close or far away, and will leave you with a memorable experience.
On Full Moon Rising nights (see schedule here) the moon will rise near the time that the sun sets. So roughly every 29 days we have 5 or 6 nights surrounding the full moon to see this event.
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