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Full Moon Sailing

The next full moon sailing windows in Chicago:

2022 dates listed at the end of this page.

MoonRiseZoom-800Think of full moon sailing in Chicago as the summer event you will not forget. This makes for the most memorable date night activity. Bring a bottle of white wine and some fancy finger-foods for snacking while watching the sky change to a new palette of colors.

Full moon sailing in Chicago is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. When the moon is full or nearly full, it rises around the time of sunset over the lake’s horizon. The colors painted in the sky are unbelievably gorgeous.



The moon comes up out of the lake like the sun in the morning, and from there changes through a large range of orange and yellow hues until it finally becomes bright white and reaches high in the sky. Note that the sky does need to be at least partly clear to see this progression well enough. But even when it is a little cloudy, phases of the progression are clear and more than enjoyable to watch.



A second note: On some days the moon does rise after sunset. On other days it rises prior to the sunset. Both of these events provide a different view of the moon rising, and with that a different symphony of colors.


2022 Dates

Dates    –     [Moonrise Times]   –    Sunset
May 15-16
: [7:50pm, 9:11pm] – Sunset 8:04pm
Jun 13-14: [8:01pm, 9:17pm] – Sunset 8:26pm
Jul 12-14: [8:01pm, 9:01pm, 9:47pm – Sunset 8:25pm
Aug 10-13: [7:37pm 7:37pm, 8:18pm, 8:50pm, 9:10pm] – Sunset 7:57pm
Sep 9-12: [7:16pm, 7:41pm, 8:27pm, 8:51pm] – Sunset 7:10pm
Oct 8-11: [6:06pm, 6:28pm, 6:51pm, 7:16pm, 7:45pm] – Sunset 6:20pm