Cancellation Insurance

Miss your sail, or cancel, and you can reschedule any time for any reason – no charge…

In an effort to provide greater flexibility to those guests who may need it, and without raising costs for those guests who do not, we are now providing Cancellation Insurance for $15 per pair of seats reserved.

Cancellation Insurance does NOT provide for a refund for vouchers. Vouchers are non-refundable and remain valid for the remainder of the season for which they were purchased if unused.
Cancellation insurance allows you to change your reservation with no change fee.

Without coverage, change fees range from $15 to $85 per pair of seats for cancellations from 10 days to same day or missing your sail.

Cancellation Insurance benefits:

  • Flexibility
    You can miss your sail, or even cancel your sail same day and still rebook, yet avoid the change fee of up to $85. So no matter if you are stuck at work, have a personal emergency, you see a few clouds on the horizon that you aren’t sure will pass by your sail time, or something as simple as you decide to change your plans, with cancellation insurance you can rebook with no change fee.
  • Continuing Coverage
    If you only use part of your cancellation insurance (which means it covered change fees of less than the maximum fee of $85), you can choose to regain full coverage when you make your new reservation and only pay a pro-rated portion, or choose not to renew and your remaining coverage is still in effect. For example: If you cancel a reservation 4 days in advance, the insurance covers the $35 change fee, and you would be able to renew full coverage for only $6.25. If you chose not to renew the full coverage, you would still have $50 available to be used towards any future change fees should you cancel again.
  • Extensions
    If you cancel your reservation and your voucher expires less than 15 days from the date you cancel, we will extend your voucher to expire 15 days from the date you cancelled. This option can be used up to 2 times per voucher.

The further in advance you cancel, the more benefit you can get from your cancellation insurance fee (see below for details).

Simply accept the $15 cancellation insurance option when you make your reservation and even if you cancel your sail the same day or miss your sail you can rebook without any additional fees. If you cancel further in advance your benefits are even greater.

If you need to know more details, here is the fine print.

How does it work?
There are never fees if you want to change a reservation at least 10 days in advance. However, purchasing cancellation insurance at the time of making your reservation covers you up to the maximum change fees should you decide to cancel or change a reservation, or even miss or forget about your sail.
Can you give me a sample scenario of purchasing and using cancellation insurance?
Sure, let’s say that you purchase cancellation insurance at the time you make your reservation, and 4 days in advance of your sail you find out that you will be unable to make it. There would normally be a $35 fee to make a change 4 days in advance, but the fee is covered. Then you make a reservation for another sail, and you see that you have partial coverage remaining (because $35 of it was used). You can either choose to make the new reservation and only keep the existing insurance, or pay the pro-rated amount of $6.25 to renew the insurance to full coverage – it’s your choice. Then just before arriving for your new sail, you have a personal situation and cannot make your reserved sail. Without insurance, the change fee for cancelling your sail or cancelling a sail less than 1 hour in advance or no-showing would be $85. If you renewed the insurance, you 100% covered and owe nothing. If you declined to renew, you still have $50 coverage remaining from the original insurance purchase, and would only owe $35 of the $85 no-show change fee upon booking a new sail.
If I buy cancellation insurance and do not incur and change fees, can I get a refund or apply it to another ticket?
In order to keep the costs down for all guests, cancellation insurance is non-refundable and cannot be transferred. The insurance is for the ticket you make your reservation with. Should you have multiple tickets and wish to sail multiple times, you may purchase insurance on each ticket when you make the reservation, but once that ticket is used or no longer valid, the insurance expires with it.
The Fine Print:
The fees and benefits for cancellation insurance and change fees are the ones which are published on the webpage at the time of making your reservation and purchasing the insurance.
Cancellation insurance is only valid on the ticket used during the reservation for which it was purchased, and cannot be refunded or transferred.
Cancellation insurance cannot be added to an existing reservation and must be purchased at the time of making the reservation, cannot be refunded if cancel your reservation and the sail is cancelled due to conditions, and cannot be purchased in order to cover previous change fees incurred. To avoid abuse, a limit of 3 cancellations can be made using the insurance, but may be extended at the discretion of management.
What it isn’t:
It is not so you can get a refund for your voucher, vouchers are non-refundable – that is why they are so inexpensive.
Program Termination and Changes
The cancellation insurance program may be terminated or changed with no advance notice. In the event that the program is cancelled, the insurance will be honored for guests who have already purchased insurance and have a reservation within the next 14 days following the cancellation date, and all others will be notified and have their insurance fee returned to them. Changes in cancellation insurance program will not affect reservations which have already been made prior to the changes.
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