Unused vouchers in good standing

If you did not make a reservation or your reservation was cancelled:

The program was ended in 2022. Unused 6 person vouchers in good standing can be extended through June 30, 2023 to be used on some sails being made available through June 30, 2023. After that, the price paid of any unused 6 person voucher in good standing can be applied to the cost of any private charter. Vouchers cannot be combined. Cancellations due to weather or other circumstances will not extend these vouchers, but they will continue to applicable to the price of a private charter.

Unused 2-person vouchers:

This program was ended in 2021. The value paid for any unused voucher in good standing may be used towards the cost of a private charter. Vouchers cannot be combined.


For either category above, please EMAIL your voucher number to us at:


Once you do so, you will receive an email confirmation that it has been extended and the conditions and any related fees.

You will be able to login through June 20, 2023 at SailHere.com and by clicking on Use a Voucher.

If you have cancellation insurance credit on your voucher, it will remain valid. If you have any change fees due on your voucher, they will remain due when you make a new reservation.

Your voucher number(s) must be in your email.

Past Change fees due

If you incurred change fees on your voucher, those change fees are due at the time of making a new reservation. Since the change fees reflect ability for CSC to rebook seats you cancelled less than 10 full days in advance as stated in the terms agreed to at the time of making a reservation, those fees are still due.

The conversion is being offered as a courtesy due to greater than normal late season use of the vouchers in 2021, above and beyond the terms agreed to at time of purchase, and in no way waives any incurred change fees also covered in the terms.